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v4 code migration: Updating the webpack configuration

This guide is part of the v4 code migration guide designed to help you migrate the code of a Strapi application from v3.6.x to v4.0.x

🤓 v3/v4 comparison

In both Strapi v3 and v4, the webpack configuration is customizable.

In Strapi v4, webpack v5 is used, and only ./src/admin/app.js and the files under the ./src/admin/extensions folder are being watched by the webpack dev server (see admin panel customization documentation).

☑️ Prerequisites

Make sure webpack plugins and loaders are upgraded to the latest version before migrating.

To update the webpack configuration to Strapi v4:

  1. Rename the ./src/admin/webpack.config.example.js to ./src/admin/webpack.config.js.
  2. Copy the content of ./admin/admin.config.js from the Strapi v3 application to ./src/admin/webpack.config.js.
Example of a webpack configuration file in Strapi v4:

'use strict';

// WARNING: the admin panel now uses webpack 5 to bundle the application.

module.exports = (config, webpack) => {
// Note: we provide webpack above so you should not `require` it
// Perform customizations to webpack configuration
config.plugins.push(new webpack.IgnorePlugin(/\/__tests__\//));
// Important: return the modified configuration
return config;