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Data migration guide

The goal of this guide is to cover how data can be migrated from Strapi v3 to Strapi v4.

Strapi v4 introduced breaking changes in the database layer which require manually migrating the data. The data migration should be done manually for now, but scripts will be available soon to help automate some of the migration steps.

Strapi v4 only supports SQL databases and does not support MongoDB databases (see blog post announcement).

To migrate a SQL database from Strapi v3 to Strapi v4, please refer to the SQL section of the data migration guide.

Migrating a Strapi v3 project with a MongoDB database to Strapi v4 is a 2-step process:

  1. Migrate from MongoDB to SQL with Strapi v3 (see MongoDB migration),
  2. Migrate the SQL database from Strapi v3 to Strapi v4 (see SQL migration).
⚠️ 🚧 Migration scripts

Data migration scripts are currently under testing. Please feel free to share feedback in the dedicated forum thread.