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Data Management System

🚧 Feature under development

The data management system is under development. Not all use cases are covered by the initial release. You can provide feedback about desired functionality on the Strapi feedback website.

Occasionally, you need to move data out of or into a Strapi instance. This is possible with the data management system which uses CLI-based commands:

  • Use strapi export to create a data backup, for archive purposes or to import it in another instance.
  • Use strapi import to restore data from a backup.
  • Use strapi transfer to transfer data between local and/or remote instances.

The following documentation gives explanations and examples for the export, import, and transfer commands, while the CLI reference documentation lists all available flags in a condensed format.


Interactive CLI commands do not currently work with the npm package manager. For strapi export and strapi import this means the encryption key prompt is not visible in the CLI. A fix is anticipated by early March 2023. In the meantime consider using the yarn package manager.