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v4 code migration: Updating theme customizations

This guide is part of the v4 code migration guide designed to help you migrate the code of a Strapi application from v3.6.x to v4.0.x

🤓 v3/v4 comparison

In Strapi v3, theme customization was not supported.

Strapi v4 introduces the Strapi Design System with a brand new theme for the admin panel.

To customize the theme in Strapi v4:

  1. Rename the ./src/admin/app.example.js file to ./src/admin/app.js.
  2. In ./src/admin/app.js, declare new key/value pairs in the config.theme object, updating the design elements (e.g. colors, shadows, sizes) of the default theme.
Example of theme customization in Strapi v4:

export default {
config: {
theme: {
colors, shadows, sizes,
bootstrap() {},
💡 Customization tips