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v4 code migration guide

Strapi v4 introduces breaking changes that require manually updating the codebase of an existing Strapi project.

This guide covers migrating both the backend and the frontend of a Strapi v3.6.x application to Strapi v4.0.x. and is built around small independent topics.

☑️ Prerequisites

Migrating the backend code of a Strapi application is a prerequisite to migrating the frontend.

For each topic covered, this guide is designed to:

  • help you understand the main differences between Strapi v3 and v4,
  • help you resolve breaking changes by migrating built-in code to Strapi v4,
  • and, whenever possible, offer some clues and starting points on how to migrate custom code.

The following topics are covered by this guide, and you can either click on a specific topic to jump to the dedicated migration documentation or click on a scope to read a more general introduction for the backend or the frontend migration:

Backend code migration
Frontend code migration
✏️ Note

The following topics are not extensively covered in this code migration guide, but Strapi v4 also introduces:

🤓 Need more help?

Feel free to ask for help on the forum or on the community Discord.