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Deploy history and logs

For each Strapi Cloud project, you can access the history of all deployments that occured and their details including build and deploy logs. This information is available in the Deploys tab, located in the header of any chosen project.

Viewing deploy history

In the Deploys tab is displayed a chronological list of cards with the details of all historical deployments for your project.

Project deploysProject deploys

Each card displays the following information:

  • Commit SHA , with a direct link to your git provider, and commit message
  • Deployment status:
    • Deploying
    • Done
    • Cancelled
    • Build failed
    • Deploy failed
  • Last deployment time (when the deployment was triggered and the duration)
  • Production branch

Accessing deployment details & logs

From the Deploys tab, you can click on the See logs button See logs button of any chosen deployment card to be redirected to the Log details. It contains the deployment's details logs.

Deployment detailsDeployment details

In the Deploy details section of the Log details page is displayed the following information:

  • Status, which can be Building, Deploying, Done, Cancelled, Build failed, or Deploy failed
  • Maintenance: when the deployment occured
  • Deployed in: the amount of time the deployment took
  • Commit: the commit SHA , with a direct link to your git provider, and commit message used for this deployment
  • Branch: the branch used for this deployment

In the Logs section of the Log details page you can click on the arrow buttons Down arrow Up arrow to show or hide the build and deploy logs of the deployment.

💡 Tip

Click the Copy button Copy to clipboard button to copy the log contents.