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Strapi Cloud fundamentals

Before going any further into this Strapi Cloud documentation, we recommend you to acknowledge the main concepts below. They will help you to understand how Strapi Cloud works, and ensure a smooth Strapi Cloud experience.

  • Hosting Platform
    Strapi Cloud is a hosting platform that allows to deploy already existing Strapi projects created with Strapi CMS (Content Management System). Strapi Cloud is not the SaaS (Software as a Service) version of Strapi CMS. Feel free to refer to the Developer Documentation and User Guide to learn more about Strapi CMS.

  • Strapi Cloud Pricing Plans
    As a Strapi Cloud user you have the choice between 3 tiers: Developer, Pro and Team. Depending on the tier, you have access to different functionalities, support and customization options (see Pricing page for more details). In this Strapi Cloud documentation, the Strapi Cloud Dev, Strapi Cloud Pro, and Strapi Cloud Team badges can be displayed beside a section's title to indicate for which tier the feature is available.

  • Strapi CMS Enterprise features
    Some of Strapi features, usually accessible via the Enterprise Edition of Strapi CMS, are included in some Strapi Cloud tiers (see Pricing page and Information on billing & usage for more details). These features, highlighted with an Enterprise badge, are documented in the User Guide and the Developer Documentation.

  • Types of Strapi Cloud users
    There can be 2 types of users on a Strapi Cloud project: owners and maintainers. The owner is the one who has created the project and has therefore access to all features and options for the project. Maintainers are users who have been invited to contribute to an already created project by its owner. Maintainers, as documented in the Collaboration page, cannot view and access all features and options from the Strapi Cloud dashboard.

  • Support
    The level of support provided by the Strapi Support team depends on the Strapi Cloud tier you subscribed for. The Developer and Pro tiers include Basic support while the Team tier includes Standard support. Please refer to the dedicated support article for all details regarding support levels.