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Command Line Interface (CLI) New ✨

Strapi Cloud comes with a Command Line Interface (CLI) which allows you to log in and out, and to deploy a local project without it having to be hosted on a remote git repository. The CLI works with both the yarn and npm package managers.

✏️ Note

It is recommended to install Strapi locally only, which requires prefixing all of the following strapi commands with the package manager used for the project setup (e.g npm run strapi help or yarn strapi help) or a dedicated node package executor (e.g. npx strapi help).

strapi login

Alias: strapi cloud:login

Log in Strapi Cloud.

strapi login

This command automatically opens a browser window to first ask you to confirm that the codes displayed in both the browser window and the terminal are the same. Then you will be able to log into Strapi Cloud via Google, GitHub or GitLab. Once the browser window confirms successful login, it can be safely closed.

If the browser window doesn't automatically open, the terminal will display a clickable link as well as the code to enter manually.

strapi deploy

Alias: strapi cloud:deploy

Deploy a new local project (< 100MB) in Strapi Cloud.

strapi deploy

This command must be used after the login one. It deploys a local Strapi project on Strapi Cloud, without having to host it on a remote git repository beforehand. The terminal will inform you when the project is successfully deployed on Strapi Cloud.

Once the project is first deployed on Strapi Cloud with the CLI, the deploy command can be reused to trigger a new deployment of the same project.


The deploy command can only be used by new users who have never created a Strapi Cloud project, and for which the free trial is still available. Once a project is deployed with the CLI, it isn't possible to deploy another project on the same Strapi Cloud account with the CLI.

✏️ Note

Once you deployed your project, if you visit the Strapi Cloud dashboard, you may see some limitations as well as impacts due to creating a Strapi Cloud project that is not in a remote repository and which was deployed with the CLI.

  • Some areas in the dashboard that are usually reserved to display information about the git provider will be blank.
  • Some buttons, such as the Trigger deploy button, will be greyed out and unclickable since, unless you have connected a git repository to your Strapi Cloud project.

strapi projects New ✨

Alias: strapi cloud:projects

Lists all Strapi Cloud projects associated with your account.

strapi projects

This command retrieves and displays a list of all projects hosted on your Strapi Cloud account.

strapi logout

Alias: strapi cloud:logout

Log out of Strapi Cloud.

strapi logout

This command logs you out of Strapi Cloud. Once the logout command is run, a browser page will open and the terminal will display a confirmation message that you were successfully logged out. You will not be able to use the deploy command anymore.