# v4 plugin migration guide

The goal of this guide is to get a v3 plugin up and running on v4 by resolving breaking changes.


This guide is not an exhaustive resource for the v4 plugin APIs, which are described in the Server API and Admin Panel API documentations.

Migrating a plugin from Strapi v3.6.x to v4.0.x consists in the following steps:

Depending on these steps, some actions can only be done manually while others can be performed automatically by scripts that modify the code, which are called codemods. The following table lists available options for each step of the migration:

Action Migration type
Update the folder structure Automatic or manual
Migrate the back end of the plugin Partially automatic
Migrate the front end of the plugin Manual
Enable the plugin Manual

🤓 Codemods support & community contributions

If you have any issues with the codemods or would like to contribute to the project please create an issue (opens new window) or open a pull request (opens new window).