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Build your query URL with Strapi's interactive tool

A wide range of parameters can be used and combined to query your content with the REST API, which can result in long and complex query URLs.

Strapi's codebase uses the qs library to parse and stringify nested JavaScript objects. It's recommended to use qs directly to generate complex query URLs instead of creating them manually.

You can use the following interactive query builder tool to generate query URLs automatically:

  1. Replace the values in the Endpoint and Endpoint Query Parameters fields with content that fits your needs.
  2. Click the Copy to clipboard button to copy the automatically generated Query String URL which is updated as you type.
👀 Parameters usage

Please refer to the REST API parameters table and read the corresponding parameters documentation pages to better understand parameters usage.

✏️ Note

The default endpoint path is prefixed with /api/ and should be kept as-is unless you configured a different API prefix using the rest.prefix API configuration option.
For instance, to query the books collection type using the default API prefix, type /api/books in the Endpoint field.


The qs library and the interactive query builder provided on this page:

  • might not detect all syntax errors,
  • are not aware of the parameters and values available in a Strapi project,
  • and do not provide autocomplete features.

Currently, these tools are only provided to transform the JavaScript object in an inline query string URL. Using the generated query URL does not guarantee that proper results will get returned with your API.