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Content Source Map plugin Enterprise

☑️ Prerequisites

The Content Source Map plugin requires:

  • A Strapi Enterprise licence for the self-hosted version of Strapi, or a Strapi Cloud plan
  • A website deployed on Vercel with a Vercel Pro or Enterprise plan

The Content Source Map plugin adds content source maps support to a Strapi project.

Content source maps are invisible values that include a link back to the field that generated the content. When combined with Vercel's Visual Editing feature, content source maps allow navigating directly from the front-end website of a Strapi-based project to the source of a field in Strapi's admin panel, making editing content more intuitive.


To add the Content Source Map plugin to your Strapi project, run the following command in the terminal:

yarn add @strapi/plugin-content-source-map


Once installed, the Content Source Map plugin should be enabled and configured in your project by adding relevant parameters to the plugins configuration file:

contentTypesArray of content type uids to enable content source map for.[]
originOrigin defined in the source map and used to display the edit
baseHrefBase URL of your Strapi admin panel.Generated based on the server.url configuration value

module.exports = () => ({
'content-source-map': {
enabled: true,
config: {
contentTypes: ['api::article.article', ''],
origin: '',
baseHref: '',


The Content Source Map plugin adds content source map support to the following API endpoints:

  • GET /api/:contentType to list a content type entries
  • GET /api/:contentType/:id to retrieve a content type entry by id

To include source map data in the response, you will have to add the encodeSourceMaps=true query parameter to your REST API calls. Vercel will automatically detect Content Source Maps on the deployed website.


This will have performance impacts so you should use this only in draft mode or when doing previews.

💡 Tip

To see the Content Source Map plugin and Vercel Live Editing in action, refer to the User Guide.